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Should I fill out the SS-4 by hand or in the computer when I apply for EIN by fax?
I would fill out the SS-4 online via the IRS website. It is an instantaneous response and you have your official letter within seconds.
Does a non-US citizen need an ITIN to obtain EIN for the company?
Not necessarily.First, which type of corporate structure are you looking at: C-corp, LLC or S-corp?Second, are you a resident or nonresident alien? Are you an immigrant or do you have some other legal residency status in the US?Third, do you have US co-founders?Fourth, are you working with a US attorney or accountant?Your question requires a number of other questions to be answered before this one can be adequately resolved. If you have US resident or citizen co-founders, or if you have a US attorney, accountant or other qualified individual with an SSN, then you can obtain an EIN in just a few minutes by going to this IRS site. If that’s not an option, then you can still obtain an EIN via phone and snail mail communication with the IRS.New business owners are often concerned about making the proper selections on the IRS application. If you’re concerned about making a mistake, contact a reliable business lawyer to help you walk through the process.It’s actually a very quick and easy procedure, so costs should be pretty minimal. You might also want to consider whether making a subchapter S selection is something your company can benefit from. Careful tax planning now will help you avoid unintended tax consequences further down the road.If you’d like guidance, LawTrades can help steer you through the transaction with highly skilled business attorneys at rates designed to accommodate young, bootstrapped startups.Please let me know if I can answer any additional questions you have about obtaining an EIN. Helping startup navigate murky legal waters at affordable rates is why I started LawTrades. Also feel free to message me directly. Hope this is helpful!
How do I fill out the SS-4 form for a new Delaware C-Corp to get an EIN?
You indicate this is a Delaware C Corp so check corporation and you will file Form 1120.Check that you are starting a new corporation.Date business started is the date you actually started the business.  Typically you would look on the paperwork from Delaware and put the date of incorporation.December is the standard closing month for most corporations. Unless you have a significant business reason to pick a different month use Dec.If you plan to pay yourself wages put one.  If you don't know put zero.Unless you are fairly sure you will owe payroll taxes the first year check that you will not have payroll or check that your liability will be less than $1,000. Anything else and the IRS will expect you to file quarterly payroll tax returns.Indicate the type of SaaS services you will offer.
What other forms should someone who is not a U.S citizen fill to get an EIN number except the SS-4?
I have helped dozens of foreign clients obtain EINs, and have blogged several times about the process. I will prsome supplementary information before answering the question directly.You have not stated whether the EIN is for yourself or for a business entity (or your relationship to such an entity), or where the party seeking the EIN is domiciled (inside or outside the U.S.). Accordingly, my answer will be somewhat generalized in nature.Before worrying about any additional forms, you should worry about whether the SS-4 is completed fully and submitted properly.Toward that end, I recommend that you read Foreign Company Alert: Obtaining an EIN may be your Biggest Challenge in the U.S. That post is long, but it, in it I summarized what I have learned about obtaining EINs for clients who (or whose principal officers) lack a social security number.Tip: If the EIN is being sought for an entity formed in the U.S. (with a foreign principal officer) and you will be faxing or mailing the SS-4, including a copy of the entity's formation document as certified by the applicable Secretary of State.The only other document I can think of including is a Form 8821 (Page on irs.gov) to specify where you would like a 147C confirmation letter to be sent. However, as noted in the post cited above, the IRS ignored the 8821 most of the time, so there is some question concerning whether there is any value in including one.
I want to create a web app that enables users to sign up/in, fill out a form, and then fax it to a fax machine. How to difficult is this to develop?
Are you sending yourself the fax or are they able to send the fax anywhere?  The latter has already been done numerous times.  There are email to fax and fax to email applications that have been available for decades.  I'm pretty certain that converting email to fax into app or form submission to fax is pretty trivial. They convert faxes to PDF's in many of these apps IIRC so anywhere you could view a PDF you could get a fax.
Can a non-USA citizen/resident obtain EIN?
The answer is yes. Non-US citizens/residents can obtain EIN (for free). I have just received mine, and I am a non-US citizen. What you can’t do is apply for an EIN via email, as this is reserved only for those with a social security number.You can check out how you can apply for an EIN from the IRS’s website, How to Apply for an EIN (for small business & the self-employed). Let me summarize what’s in it for you:Applying for an EIN is a free service from the IRS.There are 4 ways to apply: online, by fax, by mail, and by telephone (for international applicants).You’ll need to fill in the SS-4 form, but international applicants will do this by phone—you spell out the information, and the IRS staff will fill them into their computer for you.To apply for an EIN by telephone, you need to call 267-941-1099 (not a toll-free number) 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday.As a foreign entity, you will need to get acquainted with the form before you make the call. If you don’t, the IRS staff will still help you by explaining the details of the form but it will take up some of your time, and the line is long. Make sure that your long-distance call is efficient and that you have all the required information ready before making the call.As soon as you prall the required information, you’ll receive your EIN number immediately by phone and you can start using your EIN for your small business or self-employment requirements. The IRS will send you the docs about 2 to 4 weeks after you received the EIN number.Tips:If you are applying for a small business comprising of only one person (that’s you), your chosen type of entity should be sole proprietorship (SSN).You don’t need to have a US address or US phone number. In fact, as a foreign entity, it is expected that you have a foreign address and phone number.So go and get your EIN and take care!
In a lottery game, there are 5 numbers drawn out of 90. How many tickets do I need, and how do I fill them out, for making sure I will have 4 matches?
You are asking for the domination number[1] of a certain Johnson graph[2] (please, no Big Lebowski jokes). In standard notation, this number is denoted [math]\gamma(J(90,5))[/math].(Note: I'm assuming that the “5 numbers drawn out of 90” are all different, which I believe is the case in most lotteries).The Johnson graph [math]J(90,5)[/math] is the graph whose vertices correspond to all the [math]5[/math]-element subsets of [math]\{1,2,\ldots,90\}[/math], and two vertices are adjacent (connected with an edge) whenever the corresponding sets have [math]4[/math] elements in common. For example, [math]\{2,3,5,8,13\}[/math] is adjacent to [math]\{2,3,8,13,77\}[/math] but not to [math]\{2,3,5,9,14\}[/math].A dominating set for a graph is a set of vertices that is adjacent to each vertex not in the set. If you have a dominating set of tickets for [math]J(90,5)[/math], whatever the winning combination turns out to be has at least [math]4[/math] matches with a ticket in your hand.Calculating the size of a minimal dominating set, called the domination number, is computationally hard (the corresponding decision problem is NP-complete), and our graph [math]G=J(90,5)[/math] is no peanut: it has [math]N=\binom{90}{5}=43\,949\,268[/math] vertices, each with [math]d=5(90-5)=425[/math] neighbors.Of course, [math]G[/math] is a very specific and highly symmetric graph, so it's entirely possible that a minimal dominating set for it, or at least a relatively small dominating set, can be determined explicitly using some reasoning particular to this case.As with any optimization problem, we can pursue two competing paths: we may seek upper bounds by exhibiting some good dominating sets, and we can seek lower bounds by attempting to prove that every dominating set must be at least as large as some size [math]B[/math].Since the degree of [math]G[/math] is [math]425[/math], a dominating set must have at least [math]N/425[/math] elements, which sets a lower bound of [math]B=103\,411[/math] tickets. With fewer tickets than this you stand no chance of guaranteeing a four-element match. I suspect there is, in fact, a dominating set of this size, or very close to it.An equally obvious upper bound is obtained by simply scanning all [math]4[/math]-number combinations [math](a,b,c,d)[/math] in our range and filling in the fifth number arbitrarily. This yields a dominating set of size [math]\binom{90}{4}[/math]. That's about 2.5 million tickets, which is far more than the theoretical lower bound, but it's also far less than the 43 million possible winning combinations.Of course, this is very wasteful. We made no use of the fact that each ticket can cover five [math]4[/math]-number combinations, not just one. A better approach is to use a standard trick in design theory or coding theory: impose a linear constraint.Specifically, consider those combinations where the sum of the numbers is divisible by [math]90[/math]. About [math]1/90[/math] of the combinations are special like that (The exact number is [math]488\,326[/math], which is just [math]N/90[/math] rounded up).Suppose you filled tickets with all of these special combinations. If the winning one happens to be special, you got it. If it's not, then in almost all cases it has four numbers in common with not only one but five of your special combinations.The reason is that given any winning combination [math]\{a,b,c,d,e\}[/math], you can keep [math]a,b,c[/math] and [math]d[/math] intact and find an appropriate fifth number [math]x[/math] (instead of [math]e[/math]) which makes the sum [math]a+b+c+d+x[/math] divisible by [math]90[/math]. The combination [math]\{a,b,c,d,x\}[/math] is then in your hand, unless it so happens that [math]x[/math] is identical to one of [math]a,b,c,d[/math]. In this case you can try picking another element of the winning combo, say [math]d[/math], and try [math]\{a,b,c,y,e\}[/math] whose sum is divisible by [math]90[/math]. Once again, we just need to hope that [math]y[/math] isn't identical to one of the other four numbers.For example, suppose the winning combination was [math]\{1,2,3,42,60\}[/math]. The quadruplet [math]\{1,2,3,42\}[/math] is nowhere to be found among the special combinations, because the missing fifth number would have been [math]42[/math] itself. However, that's ok because [math]\{1,2,3,24,60\}[/math] is special, and matches four of the numbers in the winning combination. We can't “fix” the [math]60[/math], but we can fix any of the other numbers.In very rare instances, a winning combination may not be “fixable” at all. For example, suppose that the lottery was played with three numbers instead of five. The winning combination [math]\{10,40,70\}[/math] cannot be modified into a special combination by changing any single number.If that had happened in our case, we would simply have added a few tickets to cover for those pathological cases. But I'm quite sure that's not necessary: as far as I can tell there aren’t any “bad” combinations of five numbers in the range 1 through 90.The set of special tickets guarantees winning the lottery, but it’s still about 4.7x larger than the theoretical lower bound. This isn't surprising because, as we said, most winning combinations are actually covered by 5 of our tickets, though sometimes it's just 4. That's where this factor of 4.7 comes from.We can seek various pruning techniques to find winning sets of fewer tickets, but I couldn't yet find one that'll take you down to around 110,000 tickets. I'm 100% sure this is addressed in the literature, and I'll update this answer if I find anything.Footnotes[1] Dominating set - Wikipedia[2] Johnson graph - Wikipedia
How do I send a fax to an international fax number?
Dial the exit code for the country, followed by the country code plus the local phone number minus the trunk code (digit).From the USA, the "International Access Code" or "exit code" is "011." You should use that in place of a + when you have an international FAX number.For example, the FAX number for BP global is listed as +44 (0)20 7496 4630. The "0" should be excluded, because that is just the "trunk digit" for calls inside the UK (the same way we dial "1" for "long distance" in the US).  What you would dial from a US FAX machine would be: 011 44 20 7496 4630or, if you were on a PBX with "Dial 9" access for an outside line, 9 011 44 20 7496 4630You can optionally end the number with a "#" to speed up the connection.If you only have a local number for the FAX, you can just add the "country code" and strip out the "trunk code." For example, the BBC FAX number is listed as 020 7323 6975, locally. The leading "0" is the trunk digit, so the international number would be:+44 (0)20 7323 6975and dialed from the US, it would be 011 44 20 7323 6875The "exit codes" vary by country: List of country codes and international exit codes
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