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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Ss 8 determination process

Instructions and Help about Ss 8 determination process

We're so glad you could decided to join us we're working on the independent contractor versus employee course and we're doing part two so we're going to be working some case studies we're going to look at the 20 factor test the IRS uses and the 8 the court uses so that we can help to help our clients and really understand that better for ourselves as well so part 1 and if you haven't taken it I highly encourage to go back and take that as well we defined an employee and a contractor and we went through some classifications we looked at common statutory classifications and we looked at a really cool program called the voluntary classification supplement program that the IRS has so if you've already heard that awesome I'm so glad you decided to take part two if not go back and check those out part two that we're working on today we're going to be understanding misclassifications at a deeper level I'm going to be looking at those court and IRS factors studying a couple court claim actually more than a couple I've got a four samples for you some court cases so that way you can go through make that determination saying how would I decide is this an employee's at a contractor and they'll give you what the court said at the end of each of those talk about some safe harbors that can be used and at that lovely SSA determination so this is all what we're going to be covering in the PI in the second part of the course today if you would like go to my site I have a tax edge 365.com ford slash canopy additional resources i have this course manual available for download so that way you can have the slides in addition to a manual and have resources that you can refer back to at a later point if you should need so going right into it the very specifics of what we're covering as our second part course today we're going to cover the IRS 20 factors the court 8 factors and look at some court case examples look at those safe harbors and that ss8 determination so by the end of this hopefully you'll learn something new you hadn't known before and you'll understand what each of those are if you don't already so looking specifically into the IRS factors the factors the IRS uses to determine if an individual is an independent contractor or employee are the most commonly used factors although other government government organizations so department of labor's or other organizations they will sometimes look at other factors or take those same ones and twist them and look at them from a different perspective and they come up with a little different results the IRS but because the IRS factors are the most common and they cover the broadest territory they're most widely used because they overlap into the.

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