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  2. Use your indications to submit established track record areas.
  3. Add your own info and speak to data.
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  9. Deliver the particular prepared document by way of electronic mail or facsimile, art print it out or perhaps reduce the gadget.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form ss-4 fill in

Instructions and Help about Form ss-4 fill in

This video lesson will explain how to get a tax ID number for a limited liability company or LLC start at irs.gov and click on apply for employer identification number otherwise known as an EIN click on here apply now begin application and we're going to start with clicking limited liability company it's going to give you some information about LLC's click continue now how many members are in the LLC if you're doing a single-member LLC obviously one person and that's what we'll do for this example we'll put the number one and then choose the state in which it will be located then press Continue click continue a second time and choose the reason why now for most people it's just strictly banking purposes because a bank requires it or you can choose started new business in this case I'm going to choose banking purposes they're going to ask for the responsible party now this couldn't be a member or manager in this case I'm going to make it the manager and choose individual put my name in there my social security and then say that I am one of the owners members are managing member of the LLC then I'm going to put my street address which is my business office now there is a check to this when you enter information don't put any periods punctuation commas or anything like that sometimes it'll find you in the database and you choose their database version now the name of the company will put any name LLC now remember no comma here if there's a trade name you put it there otherwise I'm gonna ignore it the county is already filled out and then we just have to fill out the where the articles of organization or file which is Colorado in this case when December 2022 go continue and these next five questions you're going to put no on each one click continue and then choose the line of business in this case it'll be Real Estate's I went or lease property that I own in this case I rent residential real estate continue and choose receive letter online and click continue now it'll give you a summary of all the information and then you click Submit which I'm not going to do in this case and you will get your EIN number online remember immediately print out and save that letter because if your computer browser crashes you'll have to call the IRS to get the information and that's basically how you get an EIN number on the IRS website.


How do I fill out the SS-4 form for a new Delaware C-Corp to get an EIN?
You indicate this is a Delaware C Corp so check corporation and you will file Form 1120.Check that you are starting a new corporation.Date business started is the date you actually started the business.  Typically you would look on the paperwork from Delaware and put the date of incorporation.December is the standard closing month for most corporations. Unless you have a significant business reason to pick a different month use Dec.If you plan to pay yourself wages put one.  If you don't know put zero.Unless you are fairly sure you will owe payroll taxes the first year check that you will not have payroll or check that your liability will be less than $1,000. Anything else and the IRS will expect you to file quarterly payroll tax returns.Indicate the type of SaaS services you will offer.
Does a foreign company need to have a US tax ID?
This is a really old question, but the other answers are terrible, so I want to set the record straight.Based on the facts in your answer, your BVI company will NOT be subject to US tax because it does not engage in a trade or business in the United States. Simply selling something to US residents or having a US bank account is NOT enough to require a non-US company to pay US federal income tax.Here’s how to accomplish your goals here:Form a US LLC with your BVI company as the sole member,Get an EIN for that LLC, andOpen a bank account in the name of the LLC.Like everything in life, there’s an easy way to do all of the above (which costs a little money) and a cheap way to do it (which costs a lot of your time, headaches, and the potential to do it incorrectly).
How do I avoid problems using my social security number for my single member LLC?
You should obtain an Employer Identification Number for your limited liability company because:Your social security number is and should be associated with you, rather than with any legal entity.Giving out your social security number any more than absolutely is necessary is an invitation to identity thiefs to come after you.You can obtain an EIN for your LLC online in about ten minutes at Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online.
My employer made me fill out a w-9 he pays me by the hour and with holds taxes from me this isn't legal is it either he needs to have me fill out a w2 or not with hold taxes am I correct about this?
Think of the W-9 as a vehicle between a pay provider or a vendor and an independent contractor. When a W-9 is involved, we typically do not use the terms "employer" or "employee". Rather we use the terms vendor and independent contractor. If you have filled out a W-9, then the person paying for labor sees the worker as an independent contractor, not an employee. In this case you get a 1099-MISC and not a Form W-2 at the end of the year. (People and companies that pay for labor often prefer to pay workers as independent contractors, instead of as employees, because the payor does not have to pay employment taxes or prother benefits.) If you fail to fill out and pra completed W-9 when one is requested of you, then the person paying for labor is required to hold back part of the pay to the independent contractor (mandatory back up withholding). However, if you have provided a signed W-9 back to the person paying you, then you are correct, the payor should not be withholding anything (unless you have more than one single status as a worker for this company?) If you have filled out and returned only a W-9 to the person who pays you, and know for sure you have not also filled out a W-4 (to be treated as an employee and later receive a W-2), and you can also produce paycheck stubs that show withholding for Social Security and Medicare, state taxes (FICA, MED, etc.), then you should raise this issue with your tax preparer and ask if you should consider filing a Form SS-8 when you complete your tax return. Better yet, print out and bring a Form SS-8 into work now, and ask to speak with someone in human resources, personnel, or the accounting office at the company about that Form SS-8. An SS-8 form should sufficiently scare the bejesus out of the company. If some foul play is at work here, the concern over a Form SS-8 will make people sit up and pay attention. If it is something else (like some of your work is as an employee and other more independent projects are paid out to contractors instead of employees,) then an SS-8 will still be effective... the person paying for labor will go out of their way to then be as clear as possible in explaining their actions. Two final thoughts: 1) Remember, it does not matter what they are doing or not doing, or whether it is legal or questionable. It only matters what you can demonstrate or prove. If you don't get real, live paychecks or at least a stub or advice of deposit that shows withholding, then it will be difficult for you to demonstrate what has or is happening. 2) Sit with a professional tax preparer this coming tax season - and just pay for the service. If you've never seen or filled out a Form SS-8 before, now is not the time to venture it on your own. I can probably figure out how to change the oil in my car by myself. I go to a mechanic for an oil change for a reason.
How do you find out your EIN and Tax ID?
An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a number assigned by the IRS and is used for a number of business needs including: filing taxes, compliance with IRS, opening a bank account, and applying for business licenses.If you have a Social Security Number, you may apply for an Employer Identification Number for free here: EIN Individual Request - Online Application However, if you do not have a Social Security Number the following steps should be followed:Have a business lawyer act as a third-party designee for your businessThe business lawyer will prepare Application for Employer Identification Number (Form SS-4) on your behalfThe business lawyer will receive your EIN on your behalf.Read more here: How to Get Employer Identification Number (EIN) without SSN or ITINI have successfully received Employer Identification Numbers for more than 60 applicants without a Social Security Number or ITIN. Feel free to contact me at sam@mollaeilaw.com if you need to get an EIN without a Social Security Number.
How can I start a telecom company in India?
1.Its a huge process, prior to enter in a market u need to do lot of paper & licensing work that is at Ministry Level not at basis level. Now will keep this aside for sometime. Will talk about practical thing first.2. It require plenteous amount of investment to start telecom company, i really don't know about your credit worthiness. I'll give you small eg. of Local area sim activation process cost.Eg. Mumbai has 150 store where each stores has Vodafone sales executive. Now if they sale any sim card so they need to fill CAF form & with proper documents, executive has to send that documents to backhand team i.e. C-POS, where form get login. ( C-POS = here only forms get login in CRM system, still vast process is left for activation, from here it goes to Vodafone for further process) Now my point is Vodafone has 4 C-POS setups across Mumbai Zone wise for 150 sales people.Moral : Overall cost of this Setup is 20L (each 5L)So i just gave basic, lower level eg. to you, so that you will understand how much it require to make a Telecom company.3. In India, there is 2 sectore where if u will Invest now u will get return after 3-5yrs & they are Insurance & Telecom Sector. Just to survive in today's market you need to pump-in ample amount of investment.4. Now will come to your dream, if you really want to give low cost internet, so advice is start will small firm than it will grow automatically. Eg. Start with your local area. 1st take agency than after getting good experience & knowledge of that field take franchise & than put at another place than invest into your own & bla bla bla.I'm just giving overall view.4. My advice, before investing in any sector get a perfect & depth knowledge & experience of that particular sector.From all perspective, Market, Investment, Return, Future, Customer & etc.I hope this much information will help!
How do I put future employee on an SS-4 form for EIN?
Line 13 - No (not an employee).Line 15 - Future date is OK (despite the form and instructions being somewhat misleading).Line 14 - Do not check, intent is to identify a very-low-wage situation, rather than hired-late-in-year.In summary, it's great that you want everything to be correct, but a mistake will not affect your ability to obtain an EIN or its validity.
How do I fill out a W-4 form?
The main thing you need to put on your W-4 besides your name, address and social security number is whether you are married or single and the number of exemptions you wish to take to lower the amount of money with held for taxes from your paycheck. The number of exemptions refers to how many people you support, i. e. children. Say you are single and have 3 children, you can put down 4 exemptions, 1 for your self and 1 for each child. This means you will have more pay to take home because you aren’t having it with held from your paycheck. If you are single and have no children, you can either take 1 or 0 exemptions. If you make decent money, take 0 deductions, if you are barely making it you could probably take 1 exemption. Just realize that if you take exemptions, and not enough money is taken out of your check to pay your taxes, you will be liable for it come April 15th.If you are married and have no children and you make decent money, take 0 deductions. If you have children, only one spouse should take them as exemptions and it should be the one who makes the most money. For example, say your spouse is the major bread winner and you have 2 children, your spouse could take 4 exemptions (one for each member of the family) and then you would take 0 exemptions.Usually, it’s best to err on the side of caution and take the smaller amount of deductions so that you won’t owe a lot of money come tax time. If you’ve had too much with held it will come back to you as a refund.
Why did my employer give me a W-9 Form to fill out instead of a W-4 Form?
I wrote about the independent-contractor-vs-employee issue last year, see http://nctaxpro.wordpress.com/20...Broadly speaking, you are an employee when someone else - AKA the employer - has control over when and where you work and the processes by which you perform the work that you do for that individual. A DJ or bartender under some circumstances, I suppose, might qualify as an independent contractor at a restaurant, but the waitstaff, bus help, hosts, kitchen aides, etc. almost certainly would not.There's always risk in confronting an employer when faced with a situation like yours - my experience is that most employers know full well that they are violating the law when they treat employees as independent contractors, and for that reason they don't tolerate questions about that policy very well - so you definitely should tread cautiously if you want to keep this position. Nonetheless, I think you owe it to yourself to ask whether or not the restaurant intends to withhold federal taxes from your checks - if for no other reason than you don't want to get caught short when it comes to filing your own return, even if you don't intend to challenge the policy.
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